Custom items system is handled by MMOITEMS plugin


The custom items system is handled by MMOITEMS plugin, a powerful and innovative plugin. It is quite a complicated plugin, so I will walk you through some of the basics.
The setup has already included A LOT of custom weapons, armors, tools and more! This section is only for those who want to create their own , or want to tweak some of the existing one.


It's very simple and easy, simply type in /mi browse. You will then be presented with a menu, click on the type of item you want to create, and then locate the "Create" button on the lower ends of the menu. Follow the instructions presented (type ITEM ID, choose stats, etc).
Head to MMOITEMS WIKI for a more comprehensive guide on this.


Just like creating a custom item, modifying existing items can be done through the /mi browse menu. You can customize any stats, name, tier, etc... (everything!)
However, if you want to customize abilities, that's a little bit more complicated. Items' abilities are handled by three sources
  1. 1.
    MYTHICLIB SCRIPTS: This will be the main source going forward. MythicLib scripts allows for creating poweful abilities, but most importantly, it hooks directly onto MMOItems and allows the usage of Math expressions and placeholders! It, however, is much less diverse than MythicMobs skills.
  2. 2.
    MYTHICMOBS SKILLS: The MythicMobs' skills system allows server creators to create extremely powerful and customizable abilities. It however is hold back by the inability to use Math expressions and placeholders, and no item modifiers can be used.
  3. 3.
    HARD-CODED: There are some items that use hard-coded abilities. This allows a much less customization, as you can only change modifiers (damage, duration, etc...)
Modifying and creating custom abilities is usually handled by more experienced server creators. Hyronic Survival's own set of custom abilities have already been optimized and balanced, so there's no real need to edit them.