Q & A

Some commonly asked questions regarding the setup. (will get actively updated!)

Q: I see this bug in the setup, how do I report it?

A: Use this channel:
to report bugs, use the POST GUIDELINES on the right side of the screen as a guide, please follow the format otherwise it won't get accepted!

Q: Can I request a feature to be in the setup?

A: You absolutely can! Just like with bug reports, please use this channel
to request any features in the setup. Just make sure to follow the guidelines written on the right side to get you started.
Not all requests will be accepted. We have to take in consideration many factors, including free time, viability of such suggestions for example.

Q: Will Hyronic Skyblock be updated to new version in the future?

A: Yes, currently the setup is running on PAPER 1.19.3, but updating it to the latest version 1.19.4 is not necessary, so we will be ignoring 1.19.4. Instead, we are waiting for version 1.20 to become stable, and once it does, we plan to update the setup to that version in the near future.

Q: I asked for help but no one helped me! What should I do

A: Hey! Even though that we tend to answer tickets as fast as we could, there might be times when we may forget. You are allowed to tag staffs after 6 HOURS of not being replied, but please don't spam us or tag us without reasons, it really annoys us and could get you into consequences.
You need to VERIFY YOUR PURCHASE first before asking for any help!