HyronicSkyblockCore plugin.

This is our custom plugin that handle a lot of thing in the server. You cant run the setup without this plugin (Already included in the setup).
This is a core plugin for the setup, without which the setup cannot run. HyronicSkyblockCore provides over 15 fully configurable features.


I explained every single configuration line in the plugin configuration. The list above just a summary.
  • Functional Items: Those items have special usage in the server.
    • Totem of Keeping: Keep the items & experience of a player when he died.
    • Invisible Shears: Cut the item fame of an item frame (Make it invisible) to make the item on it have a better look.
    • Lucky Clover: A trading item. This can be used to exchange many different items at NPC Lola.
    • Blue Shiny Pearl: A trading item. This can be used to exchange many different items at NPC Auxies.
  • Welcome Screen: A welcome screen with custom banner texture when player join your server like OriginRealms and Gizmo plugin.
  • Combined Placeholders: Combine multiple placeholders into one variable for use.
  • Run Placeholder Commands: Run a command with placeholder parser.
  • Spawner Handle: Handle spawner drop, everytime a player break a spawner, he will get random spawner fragments (use to forge other spawner). Fully configurable.
  • MythicMobs Skill Binding: Binding skill of MythicMobs plugin to Oraxen/ItemsAdder item to cast.
  • Resource World Creation: Auto create resource world when resource world is not existed.
  • Synced World Time: Synced the time of all the worlds in your server.
  • Location Placeholder: Provide a placeholder that display your current location depend on world's name, world's region, you also can define your own region.
  • Item Mechanics: Added a few mechanic to custom items like: Increase damage to special mob type, increase arrow speed,...
  • Economy Actionbar Handler: Handle your action bar as a economy display bar.
  • Join MOTD: Show MOTD to a player when joining.
  • Chat Tab Complete: Add chat tab complete for players. This is for emoji suggestion in chat.
  • Check/Remove/Give Items: Bunch of commands, placeholders that modify the player inventory. You can check, remove a special items from player inventory. This feature have been used for Forging System.
  • Custom Smithing Table Recipes: As described.


All the command below are admin/console command. Require hyronic.command.* to use.
/hrn drop-items <item-id> <amount> <world> <x> <y> <z>
Drop a custom item at a location in a world. Only items from Oraxen/ItemsAdder are supproted.
/hrn give-item <player> <item-id> <amount>
Give a custom item to a player. Only item from Oraxen/ItemsAdder are supported.
/hrn give-relic <player> <item-id> <amount>
Give built-in item of the plugin to a player. They're: Totem of Keeping, Invisible Shears, Lucky Clover, Blue Shiny Pearl
/hrn redeem-reward <player> <reward-id>
Redeem an online reward for a player. It will do nothing if the player is not meet the requirement of online time.
/hrn remove-blacksmith-materials <player> <id>
This command will remove the items in player inventory if player have enough items of a forging item id. You can see it in forge.yml of HyronicSkyblockCore.
/hrn remove-custom-item <player> <id> <amount>
Remove custom items in player inventory. Only support Oraxen/ItemsAdder item. Set the amount to -1 to remove all.
/hrn emove-vanilla-item <player> <material> <amount>
Remove vanilla item of player. Only accept pure vanilla item (No custom name, lore, nbt)
/hrn run-random-command <player> <command-key> <number>
Run a random command with number. Define in settings.yml of HyronicSkyblockCore
/hrn send-bossbar <player> <message> <duration>
Send a bossbar to player in a duration.
/hrn send-title <player> <title;sub>
Send a title/subtitle to player.


Get a special character of an icon/texture from Oraxen/ItemsAdder
Get amount of an item in player inventory. Only support Oraxen/ItemsAdder item.
Get amount of an item in player inventory. Only support pure vanilla item (No name, lore, nbt)
Get combined placeholders, they are from setting.yml in HyronicSkyblockCore.
Get a random reward's name of a crate (ExcellentCrate)
Check if the player have enought materials recipe of a forging item (true/false). You can see the id in forges.yml of HyronicSkyblockCore
Get the HP bar texture of a player.
Get the rendered HP Bar of a mob. Only can be used in MythicMobs configuration.
Get the current location of player.
Get the resource pack status of a player (accept or not). true/false
Get the current status of a online reward for a player. redeemable - tomorrow - await - redeemed
Get a icon like getIcon but remove the black shadow of it.