All placeholders of McmmoGui
All McmmoGui's placeholders are registered with PlaceholderAPI. This mean you can put them anywhere that support PlaceholderAPI (Name, Lore, Message, Title, Board).

Global placeholders:

Return total level of all your skills (Except child-skill)
Return your rank position in a skill or overall.
Return your skill/overall level.

Skill/Ability placeholders:

Skill and Ability name you can find in Skill/Ability Variable
Return level of your skill. Ex: %mcmmogui_skill_axes_level%
Default level progress bar. Example: (0/1000)
Level progress bar with number format. Example: (0/1k)
Level progress horizontal bar. Example: |========|
Skill's ability stats. The <args> depend on the ability type. See table below for more.
Return your current level's xp
Return your current level's required xp to level up.

Party placeholders:

Return "true" if you are in a party "false" if not.
Return name of the party you are in.
Return name of the party's leader
Return current level of your party
Return party current member amount
Return current online member amount
Return current xp process by percent
Return the current level xp
Return required xp to next level.

Abilities placeholders:

You can see these placeholders in locale file. Updating ...